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When a package comes to you by air, land, or sea, there’s a good chance FedEx is the one doing the delivering. That’s because with a network that links over 220 countries, FedEx is a major provider of delivery and transportation services. And this major company, employing over 325,000 team members, all began with an idea from a Yale University student by the name of Frederick W. Smith. Smith realized that there was a key problem in the business world: there was no economical way for companies to ship time-sensitive goods. In 1971, Smith experienced this problem firsthand when as a controlling interest-holder of Arkansas Aviation Sales, he realized how challenging it was to get shipments delivered by air in one to two days. And so the idea of FedEx was born and in 1973 they officially began operations while simultaneously creating a new industry of express shipping. Since it’s beginning, FedEx has seen tremendous growth, even making history as the first company to reach $1 billion in revenue within 10 years of startup without acquiring any other companies or going through any mergers. And even though FedEx is top notch when it comes to express shipping, they also provide many other high quality services as well including packing services, mobile printing, copy services, and professional signs and banners. So whether your needs are for excellent office services or for shipping you can count on, rely on FedEx to get the job done perfectly.