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Delicious seafood fresh from the coast of the Pacific Northwest may not be a reality for you if you live inland. However, thanks to SeaBear Wild Salmon, both inland and coastal dwellers can enjoy fresh seafood year round. Based out of Washington, SeaBear Wild Salmon has been catching and smoking salmon since 1957. Tom Savidge, who founded SeaBear Wild Salmon with his wife Marie, patented the innovative Gold Seal pouch, which preserves smoked salmon without refrigeration. The salmon is smoked, vacuum sealed in the Gold Seal pouch, and then cooked in its juices, allowing the salmon to be stored for at least four years without a refrigerator. SeaBear offers a variety of Pacific wild salmon, smoked in the Northwest style or the Nova style, as well as the smoked salmon in the Gold Seal pouch. SeaBear also sells frozen salmon filets as well as salmon burgers, and if you prefer halibut, cod, or shellfish, SeaBear carries those as well. SeaBear also offers chowders and bisques, specialty desserts, breads and jerky. Whether you are hosting an event and need that memorable entrée or are just craving a taste of the Pacific Northwest for dinner, SeaBear Wild Salmon has what you need to make your meal memorable and delicious.