1. Sign Up and Save

Sign up for a Verizon account for access to exclusive deals.

2. Bring a Friend

Referring a friend to Verizon scores both parties a $25 Visa gift card from Verizon.

3. Trade In

When purchasing a new smartphone, Verizon offers up to $300 for trading in the old smartphone. If the customer is switching over to Verizon from a different provider, Verizon offers an additional $100 off a new smartphone.

4. Military Discount

For military and veterans, Verizon offers discounts on several services and products.

5. Get Social

Like them on Facebook, or follow on Twitter or Google+, for information about contests and sales.

6. Corporate Discounts

Employee discounts don't necessarily mean for Verizon employees only -- other corporation employees may also receive discounts on products.

7. Get a Two-Year Contract

Consider a two-year agreement plan, which opens up huge discounts on a variety of phones